Elisa Barrett

I have been at the Roberts School since 1994. For seven years I was the Rainbow teacher and since 2001 I have had the privilege of being the director. In addition to directing I teach Spanish twice a week during the school year and yoga during the summer. I graduated from Canada College with an A. S. Degree and Certificate in Early Childhood Education. I received my Bachelors Degree in Child and Adolescent Development through San Francisco State University in 2008. I love the Roberts School. During my free time I love spending time with my daughter, Jazmyne and my family.

Please contact us about our Wonderful In Classroom Kindergarten Program! The Roberts School has had many years of experience teaching Kindergarten in our 45 years in business. We know what it takes to prepare children for first grade academically, socially, and emotionally. And have fun along the way!

Contact Brenda Roberts (brenda@robertsschool.com) or Elisa (elisa@robertsschool.com) for more information.