Our Facility and Grounds


From first view, the school blends into the neighborhood and looks just like another single family home. We have never had a business sign but people seem to know that we are a school. Part of the charm of the school is that it once was a home to someone but has been a preschool even prior to 1975 when it became The Roberts School. The “homey feel” is apparent when one first walks in.

We have over a quarter of an acre of property

What we want potential parents to know is that our property goes back 200 feet from the street. We have our front building with 3 classrooms, another stand alone classroom in the back and three fabulous and huge play yards for the children’s outdoor play. The sand yard, grass yard and bark yard allow the children to run freely during their beloved outdoor play– morning and afternoon.

Click on the photos below to see it all to believe it!!



Please contact us about our Wonderful In Classroom Kindergarten Program! The Roberts School has had many years of experience teaching Kindergarten in our 45 years in business. We know what it takes to prepare children for first grade academically, socially, and emotionally. And have fun along the way!

Contact Brenda Roberts (brenda@robertsschool.com) or Elisa (elisa@robertsschool.com) for more information.