Our Teachers

  • Brenda Roberts
    I am the daughter of the founder of the Roberts School and I have been a teacher and director ...
  • Elisa Barrett
    I have been at the Roberts School since 1994. For seven years I was the Rainbow teacher and since ...
  • Sue Lopez
    I am very pleased to be the Dinosaur (pre-kindergarten) teacher at The Roberts School. I have over 15 years ...
  • Virginia “Gini” Flores
    I am delighted to have joined the Roberts School Family in the Fall of 2006. Since 1993 I have ...
  • Desiree Madsen
    Hi Roberts School families! I am excited to be starting my first full school year here at the Roberts ...
  • Katlin Tanner
    I’m feeling so overjoyed to be welcomed into the Roberts School! My interest in caring for and nurturing children ...

We are happy to announce that Roberts School has reopened. Please contact Brenda Roberts (brenda@robertsschool.com) and Elisa (elisa@robertsschool.com) for more information and enrollment. We’re so excited to be back doing what we love to do!